Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Rustic Villa in Tuscany

 (A rustic villa in Tuscany)
  (Light green hallways allow complete focus on the beautifully patterned wood floors)
(Only in Tuscany would you find a decorative ceiling with an intricate floral motif detailed inside the molding)
(Buttery yellow walls)
(Detailed trompe-l'oeil blue molding)
(Carrera marble walls with light blue accents - just amazing)
(I dream to have a stone entryway like this)
(A grotto in the garden that is surrounded by an abundance of foliage)
(Olive trees lining the path leading up to the villa)

I have already written about my dream to own, or at least stay (for extended period of time) in an Italian villa in Tuscany.  The interiors above do nothing but entice me.  The details that are involved in this house include elements that you definitely cannot find Stateside: the old stone walls surounding the villa, the intricately painted parquet floors, the luxurious Carrera marble (that is just stunning), the decorative moldings and the olive trees that lead you down a long path to the entryway.  Until I do get that extended stay, I will loose myself in these photographs.

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