Friday, October 21, 2011

Pureed Corn Soup

Perhaps it is the unseasonably warm October that we have been having, but local summer produce has still been in full-throttle.  I picked up local, New York state corn at the Union Square Market for a recipe that I found for Summer Corn Soup. I was very impressed with this recipe and I lucked out because the corn was perfectly sweet, while the potatoes made the soup creamy.  
 (The essentials - sweet corn, russet potatoes and an onion)
 (Sweet corn)
 (The flavors of the onion, potato and corn melding together)
 (Before pureeing)
 (A dollop of crème fraiche and a sprinkling of chopped cilantro)

A few things: I omitted the shrimp and avocado portion, because I was looking to serve this soup as an appetizer; however, I still incorporated chopped cilantro and a squeeze of a lime directly into the soup.  The lime gave it a fresh tang.  Now that I discovered this recipe it might just have to go into the vault until next summer, because I can't imagine making it with canned or frozen corn. 

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