Monday, October 17, 2011

Capturing the Last Glimpses of Summer

I never thought that I would be lucky enough to grow beautiful roses in New York City, but our first summer together in Brooklyn, we decided to plant climbing roses that we hoped would one day connect to a wooden trellis. I never imagined that we would have such beautiful flowers, as the images that I photographed above, let alone blooms like this in October.  Our roses this year had the softest hue of yellow with hints of pink and white and were incredibly fragrant with an aroma of white peaches and a touch of citrus.   

I learned the love and dedication that it takes to cultivate amazing roses from my late-grandmother.  Her garden, even to this day, seemed like some sort of dreamland.  Her trellises that were filled with fragrant yellow, pink and white roses that seemed to climb into infinity.  As a child, I would spend hours in her garden, either smelling mint, eating the miniature pears or sitting on the grass surrounded by a variety of roses.  Those moments were some of the happiest from my childhood.   

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