Sunday, October 16, 2011

Greatest Hits - Harper's Bazaar

I must admit I have somewhat of an addiction problem. My addiction is to magazines.  I have been collecting Vogue and Harper's Bazaar (much to my boyfriend's dismay) for some time now, (we are talking many years) and some might say that it is a problem - especially when you live in a one bedroom apartment.  

I have a towering stack that I absolutely refuse to get rid of. Before my boyfriend and I moved in together,  I probably had about three years worth of magazines that I carefully binded with twine and strategically placed pile upon pile on top of each other.  I thought I could part with some issues, but then I would flip through and see a spread by Peter Lindbergh or a shoot styled by Grace Coddington and I just could not do itI couldn't bare to see them stacked on the curb waiting to be disposed of and recycled. This is my thing; the thing I collect, I told myself.  I want my issues to be nested on a shelf in twenty years next to my 1950's Bazaar issues that I so luckily found (on the cheap) on eBay a few years ago. 

The very sad news is that I did decide to throw away quite a few stacks of both publications and got rather choked up by doing so; however, the good news is that I am beyond excited that Harper's Bazaar compiled a book of their favorite covers and shoots from the past ten years.  Now this, is what I call a coffee table book! I am really hoping that Vogue will do the same thing very soon. 

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