Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Tuscan Garden Paradise

(A beautiful fountain is the focal point of this slice of heaven)
(Perfectly manicured walls of greenery)
(Tall skinny cypress trees just scream Tuscany)
(A beautiful maze to get lost in)
(A pool overlooking the Tuscan countryside)
(An inviting table setting)
 (A life-size chess board on the extra large patio)
Tuscany is one of those places that has the ability to just take your breath away, with it's rolling hills, towering cypress trees and the amazing soft light.  One of my favorite movies of all-time is Under The Tuscan Sun - it might not be an Oscar-worthy film, but it makes me feel just so good every time I see it.  I loved the way that Francis, played by Diane Lane, packed up her bags and moved to a country that she had never even stepped foot in and on a whim decided to buy a villa in need of a lot of work.  Her life begins to unfold in Cortona, as she slowly begins to heal from her heartbreak and rebuild her life.  I love the grounds and the gorgeous manicured gardens, as seen above. They are just so reflective of the breath-taking beauty that the Italian country side has to offer.


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