Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Comforting Dish - Chicken and Dumplings

So, the temperature is beginning to drop. The nights are getting cooler and the mornings even colder.  When the thermometer begins to slowly reveal temperatures that are much more fall than late summer, I want to fill myself with warm, comforting foods.  Besides something like macarooni and cheese, chicken and dumplings is a perfect evening meal.  I found this recipe and only moderately adapted it. 
(The Holy Trinity - onions, celery and carrots)
(Parsley and chives to flavor the dumplings)
(The dumpling dough that will slowly cook into it's light and fluffy self)
(A comforting and absolutely delicious spoonful)

A few things - I really like to use Trader Joes Free-Range Chicken Broth when making a chicken based soup.  Also, for the dumplings, I decided to use cake flour and that I needed to add more than the 3/4 cup milk that the recipe recommended.  My suggestion is to use the amount directed and then if the dough is not sticky enough, slowly add the milk until it becomes that way. 

What I Did Differently:  I omitted the vermouth, heavy cream, flour and peas from the soup.  I also opted to use two extra large chicken breasts that after fully cooking in the broth, I cut into large pieces.  Lastly, I added about half a cup of fresh parsley and half a cup of chives to the dumpling dough, which was just perfect. 

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