Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Places to Go: Ladurée Macaroons, NYC

(Parisian charm has landed on the Upper East Side)
(A tree of decadent macaroons)
(Beaucoup de confiture/jam)
(The long line allows you to really revel in the ambiance, almost as if you are in Paris)
(Amazing candles and perfumes formulated in the same unique scents as the macaroons that will last even when you have eaten your last macaroon out of the signature mint-green box)
(Almost too pretty to eat)

Last month, I dedicated a post comparing the colors of the New York runway to the pastel hues of Ladurée Macaroons, which opened it's first store state side just last month on the Upper East Side. 

I didn't get to fully describe just how much you really have to brave the line, just to sink your teeth into the airy, light, succulent, unique, delicious (okay, I am sure you get the point by now) macaroons.  The shop is just delightful - from the jars of jams and the perfumes, right down to the gorgeous packaging that you get to choose to hold your new sweet treasures.  It is well worth the trip, if Paris isn't in the cards. 

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