Monday, October 3, 2011

Embracing Fall - Red Pepper Soup & Grilled Gruyère and Green Olive Tapenade Sandwich

(The essentials - red peppers, an onion and fresh-picked thyme from our garden)
(The power of red)
(Green olives make for the best tapenade)
(A dallop of fresh ricotta and a sprinkling of chives made the dish complete)

Fall is definitely upon us - from the brisk air to the gray billowy clouds, it is officially time to embrace the season.  I like to ring in the season with soups. I made this recipe for Red Pepper soup - not only did it use minimal ingredients, but it is also very healthy and loaded with vitamin C, a nutrient that I badly need after being sick for a week. 

I paired the soup with a grilled gruyère and olive tapenade sandwich.  I typically make a grilled cheese with extra-sharp Cabot chedder, but today I was using the left-over cheese from my frittata.

A few tips: I only used six peppers, because I couldn't lug the recommended twelve peppers all the way back from Manhattan to Brooklyn, in addition to my other groceries for the week.  By cutting the recipe in half, I still got three large servings of soup. 

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