Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches with Sea Salt Flakes

During the hot summer days there is nothing like treating yourself to ice cream.  Growing up, one of my favorite seasonal treats was an ice cream sandwich that was usually obtained by waiting for the ice cream truck to drive by our house.  I was feeling a bit nostalgic and decided to make my own super soft chocolate cookies and filled them with gelato, Talenti, to be exact.  Having made a different variety of ice cream sandwiches before, the key learning is to bake the cookies just until they are set, so that once they are cooled they are chewy and can be easily enjoyed with ice cream. Topping the cookies with Maldon sea salt flakes is the perfect way to take a childhood treat and elevate it to something 'grown-ups' will like.  

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beauty File:: Beyond the Fringe

To cut or not to cut, now that is the question that I have been toying with as of late.  I had bangs when I was about eight years old, but let me tell you they were the 80's variety that were permed (I cringe as I write this!) and before that, probably around the age of five my older sister took to them leaving me with a sharp angled amount of fringe, much to my mother's horror.  Recently I have found myself in need of a major hair change, primarily because I am just bored with the same old look and I have been gravitating towards a 70's inspired look à la Jane Birkin or Kate Moss.  The question I ready for the commitment? Stay-tuned!

Life Thoughts:: On Dreaming Big

Recently I have been doing a lot of thinking about what it takes to be successful.  Of course the definition of success is different with every individual and can vary at different times in life. For me success means achieving my dreams and carving out a path of my own and starting a new venture.  Recently I have found myself hungry to find how others have achieved success by digging for inspiring quotes, hearing stories and watching it happen before my own eyes.  One of the most inspiring things that I read was the commencement speech that Tory Burch delivered to the Babson College Class of 2014.  In her speech she spoke about the power of the entrepreneur and emphasized the power of passion, hard work and believing in your vision even if there is noise around you telling you that all you might have is a pipe dream.  Something that resonated with me the most was when she stated ‘If it doesn't scare you, you’re probably not dreaming big enough.’ Wow. Yes.  How often do you have a dream that ends up scaring you straight and then you abandon it shortly thereafter for fear of rejection, failure of just plain lack of confidence.