Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mediterranean Salad

(The essentials)
(Multi-colored peppers to roast)
(A spoonful of dried oregano)
(Roasting a pepper over an open flame)
(A healthy and satisfying lunch or dinner)
During busy weeknights, I really try to steer clear of my very easy go-to dinner - whole wheat pasta with either sauteed spinach or diced cherry tomatoes, which is why I am always on the look-out for dishes that are easy and can be made ahead of time.  

I discovered this recipe, which was very easy to make and combines a lot of the late summer produce still available at the fresh-air market, like broccoli rabe and multi-colored peppers.  I swapped out quinoa for barley and decided to roast my peppers instead of buying them in the jar.  Also, the next time that I make this recipe I will omit the capers. I realized that with this recipe that I don't like them very much, but oh well, you live and you learn!

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