Sunday, October 9, 2011

Inspiring Interiors: Pink Touches

(Powder pink chairs with an unexpected floral backing)
(Magenta walls paired with glossy white molding and black lacquered steps)
(A splash of pink)
(Fuchsia textured walls with paired down furniture and accessories)
(Raspberry colored chairs with shiny black detailing)
(Pink patterned chair with a complimenting pink tinged area rug)
(The lightest pink hued walls possible)
(Pink patterned chairs are further accented with pillows in the same fabric)
Pink is a special color that when incorporated into a room has the ability to completely change it.  Whether light pink or vibrant magenta, this hue not only commands attention but it also truly brightens up any room without being overly harsh or energetic, like incorporating red or orange.  

There are subtle ways to incorporate this hue so that it is not über-feminine, especially if you are living with a manly man and bringing up the idea that you want to paint a wall pink might scare him to his core.  You can add a bright pink patterned throw pillow, a vase , cover a chair or if you want to go all out, paint the walls a shade of pink as done above.  This color especially pops when layered on top of white or shiny black. 

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