Saturday, October 8, 2011

Places to Go: Lulu Cake Boutique

Growing up, my school lunch of choice consisted of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich paired with a side of either pretzels or chips and a piece of fruit. On very special occasions, my mom would pack a Swiss Roll, Twinkie or Little Debbie - my favorite grade school treats.  I can still imagine the taste of the chewy oatmeal cookie swirled with vanilla cream on my tongue.  As the years passed,  I slowly outgrew these little delights, packaged in clear cellophane wrappers; however, when I heard that a bakery in Chelsea had their own take on the Twinkie I had to check it out.  

Lulu Cake Boutique is a charming bakery located in the heart of Chelsea.  This shop is filled to the brim with beautifully decorated cakes, cupcakes, pink and white snowballs and rich fudge brownies.
 (A wonderful array of 'twinkies')
 (Coconut Dream - a yellow cake with coconut custard decorated with marshmallow frosting and the perfect amount of shredded coconut)
 (A retro treat, pink snowballs - chocolate cake with coconut custard inside that has been generously bathed in shredded coconut)
(Two amazing treats ready to be eaten)
 (A grown-up take on the Twinkie, the Chocodile is yellow cake with cream filling that has been dipped in rich dark chocolate - so moist and irresistible, I wish I had bought two)
(The Brooklyn Blackout Lulu is part Twinkie, part Swiss Roll thanks to the chocolate shelled crunchy coating. It is a dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate pudding nestled inside, which is then dunked in dark chocolate and finished with crumbed chocolate cookies - absolutely divine)

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