Sunday, October 2, 2011

Greek Inspiration - Turkey, Spinach and Feta Meatballs

(The formation of an amazing meatball)
(The melange of lean ground turkey, sauteed spinach, onions and feta - yum)
(A perfect bite - crunchy on the outside and almost creamy on the inside, layered on top of marinara and toasted rye bread)

I have to admit, meatballs have not been a part of my life for sometime.  When I was growing up both meatballs and meatloaf (yes, I actually really liked my mom's recipe) were part of our meal rotation, but as I grew older, I phased meat out of my diet and this particular flavorful ball wall also included in the cut. 

Now, I sparatically eat meat like lean ground turkey, so when I discovered this recipe, my mouth began to water.  I adapted it quite a bit, as this recipe is for meatloaf and I was preferring this loaf in it's circular form. The result - a perfect hors d'oeuvre for a cocktail party or for a weeknight dinner toss into some whole wheat pasta with marinara.

A few tips: I omitted the chicken broth, as I didn't want my meatballs to have too much liquid. I also added panko bread crumbs instead of the traditional kind.

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