Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Inspiration - BeautifulFabrics

Being in New York City, it is easy to take advantage of the fact that I am constantly surrounded by inspiration - case in point, all of the fabric stores that fill the garment district.  During my FIT years, I was in the heart of it all and I have been telling myself that I need to go back and explore some of the shops. I recently ventured into Mood Fabrics, of Project Runway fame, in order to get a few ideas for some DIY projects that I am working on.

It is almost intimidating to walk through the aisles that are stocked from floor to ceiling with rolls and rolls of amazingly beautiful fabrics of all sorts of textures and prints, but above all, it is incredibly inspiring. As I walked through each aisle touching the fabric, I began daydreaming about the curtains or pillows that I could make (very ambitious of me, but oh well!).  Regardless, being in this creative environment has definitely turned my mind into full-on creation mode.  Here are some of my favorites - lately I have been quite smitten with different variations on the ikat print. 

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