Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Sophisticated Cupcake

I love cupcakes and the fact that they have been the 'trendy'  dessert for the past few years makes the thrill of waiting in line for a new cupcake bakery fun in theory, but after you wait in a long line more than once, it definitely gets old.

This cupcake recipe is very glamourous, not to mention beautiful  and impressive because it is a ybrid of two of my favorite desserts - a soufflé and a cupcake.  This treat is even more heavenly when it is topped with the mint cream that has been whipped to perfection.

This desert is so light and fluffy, while still being rich .  When you explain to your 'eaters' that this isn't just any cupcake, you won't have to elaborate too much because from the first bite, they will discover it themselves. Bon Appetit! 
(Melting the chocolate and butter)
(The warmed heavy cream melting the white chocolate)
(The soufflés right out of the oven)
(The beautiful (and delicious) finish)

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