Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pillows to Fill a Sofa and Rooms to Inspire

My friend Nuria absolutely adores pillows. I love going over to her apartment for the simple luxury of sinking into her couch and having all of her beautifully textured pillows surround me. What is it about pillows? I think that they make a room more inviting and make a home feel well, homier, not to mention prettier and more fashionable (but shhhh… don’t tell my boyfriend).  Pillows can bring out the color of the walls and accentuate other pieces of furniture.   I am actually in the market for pillows to accentuate my (naked) sofa. We have been sitting on it bare for nearly 7 months and the time has finally come to get inspired!

(Dwellstudio's aquamarine ikat pillow, ABC Carpet)

(Dwellstudio's illuminating bronze pillow, ABC Carpet)

(Blushing pillows in luxurious silk dupioni, ABC Carpet)
(Pom-poms and pillows, CB2)
(Abstract ikat, Anthropolgie)

(A rosy accent, Z Gallerie's Hollywood Pillow)
(Seeing spots, Barney's high-society pillow with linen and fur)

(As if you couldn't tell already, I have a slight obsession with West Elm, even more so with their design collaboraters.  I am adoring Allegra Hicks's collection, in particularly her pillows and rugs.)

Some Professional Inspiration
(A Celerie Kemble interior)
(Candace Bushnell uses her pillows sparingly; I would too if I had this gorgeous light blue settee, Elle Decor.)
(I love alpaca-haired pillows and I also love the soothing colors in this room, Elle Decor)
(This sofa's motif is 'the more pillows the better')
(Wild animal prints on the sofa hovering below a vibrant floral print, Architectural Digest)
(Custom-made, Cote Sud)
(White with beige, Cote Sud)

**One final note - if Domino magazine were still around, I would have included way too many images, alas, I only have my hard copies to hold on to.  I will be scanning them to showcase just how much that magazine influenced my taste in all things beautiful.

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