Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Polished Finish

(The Essentials - an old sponge, silver polish & cleaner and gloves)
(Platter before)
(Shell before)
(Platter After)
(Shell after)

I love antiques and anything vintage (you will come to realize this very soon). I take after my Uncle John who essentially has a museum in the lower-level of his house. I have had these beautiful (albeit incredibly tarnished) silver trays in my possession for some time now that were passed down from my grandmother and given to me by my Uncle.  I decided that today was the day for the big reveal. Polishing silver is so easy I cannot believe that I didn’t do it a few years ago!  Now, I have a beautiful platter to serve cocktails on at my next get together and an luxurious seashell bowl to hold fruit.

Step by Step: Place some of the polish cleaner on the sponge.  Gently buff away the tarnish and tadah, you will be left with beautiful results.  For an extra does of shine, use a large cloth so that you can maximize the cleaner. 

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