Monday, September 5, 2011

A Proper (Summer) Farewell

Well, I can’t believe that the time has come, after many sweltering days spent in the city, to lazy days lounging on the beach – fall is nigh. But you have to say goodbye to summer in a special way, and what better way to kiss summer goodbye than a barbecue on the back porch with some friends.

The menu:
Appetizer: Artichoke and Olive Dip ( with Homemade Rosemary Flat Bread (
Main: Whole Chicken (for the women, okay or just me) and Beef Ribs (for the men and yes, the women too) slathered with spicy BBQ rub.
Side: Potatoe and Green Beans with Pesto (adapted from

Dessert: Cocoa Layer Cake (or as I say, Death by Chocolate – but more on this cake later. It doesn’t do it justice to leave it at that). (
Cocktail: Summer Fruits and Herbs Cocktail – adapted from Martha Stewart (
Quenchers: Lemon, Lime and Mint infused water

A few things: I wanted to use the fresh fruit that I had on hand for the cocktail, so I used one ripe peach and one plum instead of raspberries. I also plucked fresh basil and mint from my garden (or porch) and found that it added just enough natural flavor making this the perfect cocktail with just a hint sweetness.

How did you kiss summer goodbye?

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