Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Places to Go - John Derian Company

(I love these handmade decoupage plates - I would love to collect the entire alphabet, but I think starting out with 'A' and 'J' would be special)
(An raised iron basket filled with floral pretty dishes)
(I love this floral lamp, it almost looks like a pillar candle)
(Nothing like a Roman bust next to handmade paper flowers)
(John Derian makes hand painted wrapping paper. I am eyeing the red poppy sheet on top. It would go perfectly inside a white frame - plus it is only $4!)
(Cire Trudon is such a regal candle company, I couldn't help but just stare at the immense shelving full of unique candle brands)
(Okay, so I cannot stop thinking about this fabulous golden pouf made in Morocco)

Domino Magazine (there I go again, truly mourning the loss of such a great magazine) introduced me to the world of John Derian - the brilliant designer and interior designer. I always walk by his store in the East Village on my way to yoga, but it is either too early or too late, but the other day, I somehow had the perfect timing.

Walking through his store doors is like walking into a mecca of exquisite plates, patterned lamps, and bowls - all worth collecting.  This is a must-see if you are in the area, or pop in if you are waiting for a table at the place to go for brunch, Peels, just next door.

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