Thursday, September 22, 2011

Places to Go: Mille-Feuille Cafe

(Colorful macaroons)
(Decadent tarts)
(Great things come in small and cute packages)
(The slow reveal)
(A thousand flakey layers)

When I hear the word, mille-feuille, I think of that layered smoky purple Versace confection worn by SJP in the series finale of SATC (do I need to decifer those initials?). Thankfully, I have a hunch for pairing dessert with fashion and luckily that gorgeous dress can be translated into a meticulously layered and subtly sweet French dessert, otherwise known as a mille-feuille. 

A new, enchanting patisserie opened under the same name, Mille-Feuille just south of Washington Square. I was blown away by the lightness of the flaky filo dough that was stacked delicately one on top of another and then separated with a thick and rich vanilla custard.  This dessert is seriously going to knock-your-socks-off. If this doesn't suit your fancy, they have a plethora of beautifully colored macaroons and petite fruit tarts that I am sure will.

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