Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fresh Strawberry Jam

(The essentials: fresh picked strawberries, vintage storage container, paring knife)
(Strawberries prepared to be turned into jam)
(The delicious finish)

So, I did decide to make strawberry jam after all.  The beautiful strawberries that we freshly picked from Fishkill Farms were destined for homemade jam.  I followed The Barefoot Contessa's recipe. 

A few tips: I tasted the strawberries before adding the recommended 2 cups of sugar, as I only ended up adding less than half a cup.  After the jam has been jarred, there are limitless possibilities, here are some ideas:

- Layer on Fage yogurt, instead of buying the fruit on the side option that is loaded with excess sugar
- Warm the jam and apply a dallop of whip cream for a healthy dessert
- Pair with natural peanut butter, a nice twist instead of my usual drizzle of honey
- Place a scoop of jam on warm oatmeal and sprinkle with almonds, for a heart-healthy and satisfying breakfast

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