Thursday, October 4, 2012

How To: Gilded Bookends & A Guest Post

 A while back I saw an idea on Martha Stewart on how to make your own bookends using a brick that had been slightly chiseled.  I decided to go ahead and make it but taking it a step further by spray painting it, you guessed it, gold. This couldn't be easier and the results couldn't be prettier.  It is almost as if you turn a brick into a gold nugget.  It works perfectly to hold up a variety of coffee table books and also doubles as a nice paper weight.  

Also, I am so thrilled to be featured today on Mimosa Lane, a gorgeous blog dedicated to even  more beautiful things.  I am sharing six of my favorite things, be sure to stop over and see Albertina's wonderful blog! 
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Take two bricks - either reclaimed or new. If new, lightly hit the top with a hammer to break off the edges to create a rustic look.  Coat each brick with a layer of spray paint - I used Rustoleum  metallic gold. Allow to dry and presto, you have two bookends!
*All photographs by Alison 


  1. Wow! I love this idea! Can you please come to my house and decorate it!?? I love your style! xoxo

  2. nice and creative idea Alison!:) Kisses!

  3. Thats a Great idea my dear!!

  4. ha!! so apropos!! love it. I actually have a ton of bricks in my garage.....I'm going to try this!! thanks for the idea. I will be sure to post photos so you can see....maybe next week. What would we do without gold spray paint?

  5. these are really pretty! i love that you chose gold too. pinning it now! :)

  6. cute idea!:)
    xx Kate

  7. I never thought that a brick could look so glamorous!

  8. So glad I found this my boyfriend has way too many books and I'm running out of ways to keep them together! I'll have to try this out I think it would fit in my living room perfectly.

  9. OH, I am doing this!! It is so fabulous!!
    xo, amy

  10. Love the look of this. Sounds easy enough, just might have to give this one a try. Found you at Mimosa Lane, now following :)

  11. Incredible idea!! LOVE this! xo, Julie

  12. Alison, seriously, if you I would hire an interieur designer, it would def be you. I love this idea of the bookend. My books are crashing all the time and I was looking for one in the stores, they are absolutely boring. BUT this is amazing and I know what I will do this weekend :-) Thank you so much, you are the BEST

    1. You are so sweet! I can get on a plane now:)

  13. What a simple idea and it looks like an expensive piece someone would buy!

    Xo, Rachel

  14. Wow this is such a cool idea! I love an easy and fabulous DIY :) Thanks for sharing!!


  15. Amazing idea :) love the gold detail. I also read the guest post you did and its fantastic. I loved finding out new little things about you and you look gorgeous :) Wish I'd see more of you on your blog too :)