Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quinoa Cakes

(The essentials - cooked quinoa, chives, eggs and onion)

I love quinoa, not only for it's slightly nutty taste, but for it's strong punch of protein and fiber. I usually incorporate this grain in tabouleh or add it into another type of healthy salad; however, I was intrigued when I discovered this recipe for Quinoa Cakes. This recipe was absolutely delicous! These cakes had a crunchy outside and a melt in your mouth center.  
(The delicious finish)

A few things: Instead of incorporating gruyère cheese, I added goat cheese, which gave the cakes a tangy center.  I also chose to omit the recommended spices, since I am not a lover of spicy food.  Lastly, I whipped the remaining goat cheese and added a dallop on the cake and finished it all off with a healthy sprinkling of chopped chives.  

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