Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to: Holiday Ornaments, Garland and Branches

This holiday is all about do-it-yourself projects.  There is something special about creating your own holiday decorations that you can bedeck your house with for the season.  One of the festive elements that I decided to create were ornaments.  It is very easy, not to mention inexpensive and the decorative options are limitless.

(The essentials - clear glass ornaments and acrylic paint)
(I decided to create a polka dot effect)
(The pretty finish, as seen through Instagram)

I was inspired by strings of garland made from felt balls at West Elm.  Since this year I am on a kick of making as many homemade decorations as possible, I thought that I would create my own garland using winter white felt balls.  I purchased these inexpensive felt balls from here. I purchased 48, but you might want to order more depending on how you want to string them.  You can place them close together, or if you prefer space them out - either leaves a simple, yet gorgeous decoration. 
(The essentials - felt balls, needle and thread)
(Insert the needle through the center of the ball)
(Strings of garland to trim the tree)
(Our tree)

Tree twigs/sticks, for the normal human being (that is the person living outside New York City) are very easy to come by.  They are found in your yard, on the streets, etc, but not in New York. I have been looking for a nice pile of sticks to create a festive center piece for a table and luckily while looking for a Christmas tree, I salvaged quite a few.  
(The essentials - branches and gold metallic spray paint)

(Coating the sticks completely)
(Leaving them a little bit undone)
(The beautiful finish, as seen through Instagram)

How to: Gather a handful of sticks of varying lengths. In a well-ventalated area spray paint them in your choice of color. I chose gold, because well I love gold as you might now.  Other pretty choices? White or silver.  Let the twigs dry completely, then place in a large vase and arrange to your hearts content. 

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