Friday, December 2, 2011

Places to Go: Baked and Saipua

(Many options for brownies)
 (So many cupcake options, it is hard to narrow down which one you want)
(Jars of biscotti)
(Jars of homemade marshmallows)
(A glamourous chandelier)
(I settled on the Sweet and Salty Brownie, an award winning treat and a coffee)

I first discovered Baked, while visiting friends in Charleston, SC - little did I know that this bake shop originates from Redhook, Brooklyn.  On a recent excursion to this section of my new (favorite) borough, I had to stop into Baked. This shop has grown in popularity, (I mean once you make Oprah's list of favorite things, you are pretty much set for life) with cookbooks and now their whoopee pie and brownie mixes that are sold at William Sonoma.  I love the orange and brown decor and the chandelier that finishes it all off.  The ambiance is definitely inviting - whether you choose to nibble on a unique cupcake confection or sip on hot chocolate topped with a homemade (chocolate) marshmallow, I promise you, your sweet tooth will not be let down.  

 While you are in the area...
(A lovely flower and soap shop)

I have lost count just how many times I have read about Saipua, a flower and soap shop in the heart of Redhook. So when I was recently in the area, I just had to check it out.  This shop is absolutely gorgeous.  The worn wooden walls create such a rustic feeling environment. The fragrant handmade soaps create an intoxicating aroma and the combination of the floral bouquets is just heavenly.   I definitely want to stop back and pick up a bouquet.  

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