Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gilded Coasters

There is something wonderful about giving a handmade gift to someone special during the holidays.  I personally was in the need for some beautiful coasters and once I saw this idea from Martha Stewart, my search had ended.  This is a very easy, not to mention inexpensive, project that leads to absolutely gorgeous results. Tied up in a bow, these coasters would make a beautiful present.   

(The essentials - lace trim, tile and spray paint)
(There are so many different lace patterns to choose from. I chose a floral motif)

(Lay the lace over the tile)
(Apply the spray paint - less is more in this situation. You don't want the lace to be completely saturated in paint, otherwise the pattern will not be revealed once you 
remove the lace)
(Gently pull back the lace after the paint has nearly dried)
(The impressive finish)

 A few things: Lace trim can be purchased at any fabric or trimmings store. I bought my lace trim from Mood Fabrics.  Also, the tiles can be purchased individually from Home Depot, either on-line or in-stores (outside the NYC area, of course). 

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