Friday, December 30, 2011

For the Love of Peonies

My love affair with flowers is broken into two categories - fragrance and texture.  My first favorite aromatic bloom is the gardenia.  The heady aroma of this delicate white flower is truly unbelievable.  Although there are not any oils in this flower (isn't it crazy to think that all gardenia notes in fragrance are synthetic?), despite the fact,  I have tried numerous times to dab the petals on my skin hoping that it's fragrance would linger. My other favorites are jasmine, narcissus and lilacs. 

In the texture category, it is a tie between the gorgeous fluffy light pink cherry blossoms that only grace us with their presence once a year and then of course, there is the peony.  There is something about peonies that are just so beautiful. It could be their layer upon layer of soft petals, or it could just be their beautiful hues ranging from light pink to dark magenta.  These beauties can liven up any room because there is something about them that evokes pure glamour.  

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