Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Gardens of Versailles: The Epitome of Grandeur

I first visited Versailles while studying in Paris. it left an indelible mark on what I perceived as beautiful, spawned my creativity and pushed my love of gardens even further. Until France I never truly understood what perfected nature meant - Paris has it mastered, but the grandeur of the gardens of Versailles have it mastered and then some. I left the sprawling palace and grounds so stunned I ended up writing my senior thesis paper on just the gardens (I majored in art history). I longed to go back and finally years later I did happy to recall all of the amazing facts that make this oasis an inspiration for so many of the other gardens in the world. While wondering through the shady bouquets, labrythons and fountains it is easy to get lost in the beauty as your mind drifts off to how it must have been when The Sun king, Louis XIV, was in all of his glory.  One could spend hours or even days exploring it all, here is just a glimpse of the day that we spent wandering around the grounds.  Also if you are interested T Magazine just had a great article about how a portion of the gardens are being brought into this century, interesting read.  

*Photography by Alison 


  1. STUNNING pictures, Alison! This is one of the things I really regret not doing when I was in Paris. So glad I could live through you!

  2. so, so beautiful!! I bet you were in heaven!

  3. Gorgeous photos Alison! Versailles never gets old!