Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Clean Plate:: Healthy Black Bean Tacos

If there is one type of food that I crave it is Mexican.  The delicious combination of cilantro, mixed with creamy black beans and some cotijo cheese makes me salivate.  During the warmer months when it is too warm to turn on the oven, I like to opt for meals that are easy, fast and healthy.  I have been making these healthy black bean tacos for quite some time, and I thought that this is the perfect season to share them with you.  They combine good for your ingredients that can literally be thrown together in about fifteen minutes or less and are packed with ingredients that offer a nutritional punch.  

Healthy Black Bean Tacos
*Serves 4

1 Cup Black Beans (preferably organic, low-sodium)
2 Avocados, diced
1 Small Shallot, chopped 
6 Radishes, sliced thin
Corn Tortilla Shells
Fresh Cilantro, to taste
Lime Juice, to taste
Sea Salt Flakes (like Maldon)

Over an open flame, place corn tortillas until desired browning is achieved, set aside for assembly.  To assemble, place black beans, avocado, shallot, radish on top of tortilla.  Squeeze lime juice onto tacos, add fresh cilantro springs and top with sea salt flakes.  

Black Beans 
A great source of protein and are high in folic acid, potassium and iron.  

This ruby vegetable is packed with Vitamin C & K, folate and contains isothiocyanates, a compound that is said to fend of certain cancers. 

This Mexican mainstay is rich in Vitamin C and B-5 which aid in supporting the central nervous system. Avocados are also high in Vitamin K and folate and lend healthy fats to a diets and are an excellent source of fiber. 

 This distinct herb is an excellence source of Vitamin A & K, while being virtually calorie free.  
Photography & Styling by Alison 
*Nutrition information via Livestrong


  1. such pretty photos!! I used to love Maya in NYC for should still be around...upper east! A Mexican introduced me to it.

  2. those look so yummy! Once I'm done with my cleanse I'm eager to eat better overall - I'll definitely have to try these!

    The Style Scribe

  3. I am a taco addict...especially fresh fish and veggie ones. These look amazing!

  4. Tacossss! All I ever want to do in life is eat tacos! These look amazing and now I want to come over and eat dinner at your place, haha.