Thursday, June 5, 2014

Inspiring Interiors:: A London Townhouse

Let's talk dramatic interiors - dark walls, emerald green velvet with glowing light.  Everyone once in a while I stumble upon a moody interior like this that makes me want to paint all of my walls a dark inky blue or black shade to provide a dramatic effect.  This is a London home belonging to a stylist and a photographer couple that of course have an amazing eye for design.  I adore that inside of the darker interiors there are pops of white and yellow to break up the palette.  Here is a peak inside of their home.  P.S. I am working on our honeymoon photos, they will make their debut in a few days!

Image via Dusk Jacket Attic


  1. I think I blogged about a room in this seems vaguely familiar...LOVE!! Honeymoon photos please!

  2. I've always wanted to paint a room dark, dark blue or black even - so dramatic! Love that chandelier too!