Thursday, January 16, 2014

{Le Week de Paris} Top Five Baguettes in New York & Brooklyn

If I was stranded on a deserted island I would bring three types of food with me - a good bottle of Greek olive oil, a bar of rich dark chocolate and a crusty baguette (preferably just out of the oven). If I could pick a place for this said island to be it would be off the coast of France where I could get access to baguettes, unlimited sweet baguettes.  Since it is Paris week here on the blog, I couldn't let it pass without rounding up my favorite boulangeries here in New York that bake bread like they do in France. Here are some of my favorites, but after visiting make sure you have a cheese shop lined up or a few good bottles of olive oil! Did I miss any baguettes that I must try? Dit-moi s'il vous plait! Continue for more...

Maison Kayser - New York
This beloved boulangerie arrived Stateside last year and with just one taste of this bread it brings me back to the warm baguettes I used to pick up every evening on Rue Monge in Paris.  The Rue Monge bread is perfectly chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. What I love the most about this bread (besides it reminds me of Paris) is the perfect hearth flavor in each loaf.  
Maison Kayser Locations: 1294 Third Avenue, 921 Broadway, 1800 Broadway

Bien Cuit - Brooklyn
One of my favorite things about Bien Cuit is walking through the door where you are greeted with an intense, yet heavenly aroma of freshly baked breads and sweet pain au chocolat. They have quite an array of breads like Campagne, Pugliese and Olive, but my favorite is consistently their baguettes.  This loaf has an airy inside with many air pockets and also has a great brick oven flavor.
Bien Cuit Location: 120 Smith Street 

Eataly - New York
Among the wheels of cheese, unlimited shapes and sizes of pasta and fantastic array of Italian cookbooks, Eataly, started by Mario Battali also has an extensive bread selection that is worth noting, in particularly their baguettes.  Their loaves achieve the perfect harmony of French meets Italian and is ideal for a sandwich.  
Eataly Location: 200 Fifth Avenue

Runner & Stone - Brooklyn
A relatively new bakery/restaurant to the Gowanus section of Brooklyn. It is definitely worth the trip to this up-and-coming section of Brooklyn.  They have an impressive brunch/lunch and dinner menu and also boast a great selection of breads.  The Runner & Stone baguette has an amazing rustic texture and flavor - pure perfection.  
Runner & Stone Location: 285 Third Avenue

Balthazar - New York
The iconic French brasserie just steps away from Broadway in Soho is even more amazing because of the tiny boulangerie/patisserie filled with their famous baguettes, tarts and strong coffee.  The Balthazar baguette is sturdier than all of the other baguettes which makes it perfect for dipping or spreading a nice tapenade atop it's crusty goodness.  
Balthazar Location: 80 Spring Street 
*Photographs & Styling by Alison 


  1. You are my soul sister for writing this post, I'm convinced. There's nothing I love more than being out on a Saturday and picking up some fresh bread and cheese to have for lunch. Nothing better!

  2. I'll be in NYC next month for fashion week, so I may check a couple of these out (if I don't stick to my diet)! They all look yummy!

    The Style Scribe

  3. Bread is my addiction. And now I have 5 new places to go and try :)

  4. Ugh bread is my life. I should check these out next time I plan a weekend city trip!

  5. Ah I'm definitely bookmarking this for future NYC eating :) And now I'm reallllly craving bread!

  6. OMG I would bring the same things to said island...and I would sneak in some cheese....that is all I need. Fabulous tips! I will keep these in mind. The bread here in Dallas is not very good...its hard to find a great bakery....there is this one little french restaurant that does have the beat bread ever...I wish they sold it.

  7. Omg seriously, is there anything better than bread?!?!?! Ahhhhh, drooling over here.

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  8. I would bring the same things on a desert island too! Plus an avocado of course, because I can't live without those. Now I want to go to NYC just so I can go on a bread tour :) xx