Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beauty Profile:: Ole Henricksen Nurture Me & Ultimate Lift Firming Serum

When temperatures reach the teens or even single digits there is one thing that you must do, layer - layer everything, your clothing and the oils, serums and creams that protect your skin from the elements.  I can say that my skin would be in complete disarray if it were not for these two Ole Henricksen products and their face oil (I wrote about it here)  - when combined they are a powerful trio that acts like armor during these excruciatingly cold months that can wreck havoc on your complexion (not to mention the chlorine from the pool at the gym).  Applying the Nurture Me Cream is like massaging a thick layer of pudding on your skin - it is luxurious, incredibly moisturizing and is laced with an addicting creamsicle aroma.  It is chock-full of powerful ingredients like Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamin A & C which help nourish and promote a uniform complexion while being extra gentle on sensitive skin.  If you are looking for a moisturizer that penetrate and moisturize thirsty skin I definitely recommend it.

Now let's talk wrinkles, or rather preventing them.  Since I first started working in the beauty industry at the age of fifteen I have been using anti-wrinkle creams - it might sound crazy but if there are two actions that can prevent premature aging is moisturizing and sunscreen.  Today there are so many amazing serums that can boost your moisturizers power like the Ole Henricksen Ultimate Lift Firming Serum.  This serum contains a cocktail of botanicals, hyaluronic acid, which plums and protects against moisture loss and Copper Tripeptide which fend-off free radical damage.


  1. I definitely don't use anti-aging products as much as I should...these sound awesome!

  2. I must try these products!

  3. I'm definitely bringing multiple creams to NYC this time. Last year I didn't and my face got all these dry patches. It was awful! I blamed the blizzard :)

    The Style Scribe

  4. Haven't heard of these... they sound really nice. thanks for sharing!

    Lady à la Mode

  5. Everything I've tried from Ole Henrickson's line is great and of course really want to try Nurture Me now - my skin has been drier than usual this year :( I love that you mentioned moisturizing/sunscreen - I am seriously psycho about both. I refuse to wrinkle!