Thursday, October 17, 2013

Indie Beauty Brands (You Must Try)

In order to get my beauty fix during college I worked at an independent beauty boutique that was stocked full of brands that at the time were up-and-coming, like Aesop, Ole Henrickson and Bond No.9 (now most of these brands have gone mainstream).  I loved discovering new brands since they were not formulated with ingredients that I needed a chemistry degree to decipher what was inside.  There are times that I miss my flow of new beauty products, so I recently set out to uncover some of the latest brands that everyone should have on their radar.  What are some of your favorite indie beauty brands?  

Kahina Giving Beauty:: Founded in 2007 by Katharine L’Heureux who discovered the healing powers of Argan oil, an ingredient used by Moroccan women for centuries.  L'Heureux believes in ethically sourcing the oil, which she infuses into all of her products, she even makes trips to Morocco to meet with the Berber women that extract the oils.  Another major plus to this brand is that it is organic.  A product to try is Kahina Brightening Serum.

Beautannia:: Founded by SPACE NK dynamo Nicky Kinnaird, Beautannia infuses essential oils like sweet cherry and almond oil into an array of products like triple milled soaps and luxurious bath oils.  A product to try is Beautannia Bloomsbury Body Oil.

Amanda Lacey:: According to British skincare therapist Amanda Lacey, healthy skin should radiate and glow, in order to bring to life her philosophy she created a beauty line infused with natural oils and plant essences to help perfect and protect the skin.  A product to try is Amanda Lacey Argrumi di Sicilia Body Wash.

Antonia Burrell:: Behold the power of plants - the philosophy behind Antonia Burrell's skincare line.  Her holistic approach to beauty is simple, the mind and body must be aligned, which is why her aromatherapy products are formulated with 100% natural plant ingredients like Tuscan Cypress Oil and anti-bacterial Bitter Orange Oil. A product to try is Antonia Burrell Cream Supreme Facial.

Joanna Vargas:: With a bevy of celebrities and models flocking to her New York office, it is no wonder that esthetician Joanna Vargas eventually launched her own skincare line. Her namesake collection is both organic and natural and is intended to create a uniform complexion without cosmetic procedures.  A product to try is Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Cream.

Olo Fragrance:: Fragrance has become such a massed produce entity, it is hard to uncover the luxury and uniqueness that is infused inside of each bottle.  Olo Fragrances, started by Heather Sielaff does just the opposite by blending and bottling each fragrance by hand and infusing her essences with coconut oil and other essential oils.  A product to try is Olo Fragrance, Dark Wave.

Hakansson:: This Swedish beauty brand started by a former model has finally arrived Stateside with its minimalist packaging and vibrant colored makeup palettes.  A product to try is Hakansson The Color 7+8.


  1. I love the packaging of these. I hadn't heard of any of these. Thanks ALison!

  2. Love these! I must try them asap.

  3. This is awesome, Alison–I'm going to be scoping some of these out for sure!

  4. OMG yayyyy! I love this. Even though I am not a beauty expert, I LOVE beauty posts!! Thanks for the intro to all of these!! xoxo

  5. Oh my you really found some wonderful things here, but that serum in particular sounds just wonderful!!

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  6. KGB's argan oil is the best! I've really gotten into natural skincare this year so I've been researching/testing a ton of new products from new-to-me brands that I've grown to love to much. A few faves: May Lindstrom, Lina Hanson and Indie Lee.

  7. I'm a natural beauty junkie! All of these look and sound amazing I'm sure I'll be tempted to buy it all. Love your blog, it's my first time seeing it, so pretty <3