Thursday, January 12, 2012

Random Bits of Love

So much to love out there - here are some things that are sparking my fancy this week.
This is a project that I am dying to try - homemade gold clay bowls. This step by step process doesn't seem that difficult and the results are absolutely stunning! 

Paint swatches, how I love thee. I could spend hours browsing under the endless color options.  I always find myself picking up colors, even if painting is not in the cards for me, and  never know what to do with the stack of paint colors that I pick-up, until now.  I discovered this DIY project that allows you to turn the chips into a beautiful decorative lantern.  This would be a great idea for a bridal or baby shower. This project is simple but incredibly beautiful.  
I love this dress. It has a retro/vintage/feminine feel.  Absolutely gorgeous.

I am dreaming about a subscription to Vogue: The Archive, which features every single page of Vogue ever printed from 1892 to today. This amazing database comes at a whopping cost of $1,575, but honestly, it would be worth every penny.  
What a gorgeous idea! This easy DIY combines three of my greatest loves - gold, the sea and candlelight.  
Speaking of candlelight, I am quite smitten with my new Voluspa candle in Bella Sucre housed inside a beautiful etched glass jar. It is a delightful melange of sugar, tropical tiare flower and milky coconut and just because it is Voluspa, it will have 100 hours of burn time.  

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