Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mastering the French Macaroon

The macaroon has been on my baking list of conquests for many, many years.  My first attempt with this French cookie was a few years back when I had attempted to bake this treat for my sister's bridal shower. I planned on making light pink macaroons to make the event chic and feminine, but I failed miserably.  My egg whites didn't into form peaks and the consistency was completely off. I ended up washing the batter down the sink and didn't think of ever attempting this recipe again.   

Until one cold Sunday afternoon, I was feeling quite adventurous (not to mention confident).  I was looking for a baking challenge and figured that it was about time I tackled this beautiful cookie. Unlike the time before, I managed to successfully create a delicious, not to mention gorgeous (these have to be the most attractive biscuit out there) French macaroon.  
A Few Things: I omitted the spices that the ganache called for, since I was looking to achieve a true chocolate macaroon with a decadent and rich chocolate filling.  

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