Sunday, January 15, 2012

Green Smoothie

 (The essentials - banana, orange, apple, ginger and spinach)

One of my goals for the new year was to increase the amount of greens in my diet. I have been doing pretty well so far by sneaking extra greens into soups and salads.  I had been searching for a green smoothie to make that would combine both fruits and vegetables.  I discovered this recipe for a green smoothie and was quite impressed. It was refreshing, thanks to the ginger and lemon and just slightly sweetened with the help of the banana, Fiji apple and incredibly juicy naval oranges. 

A few things: Chopping the produce into small pieces really allows for a more blended smoothie. Also, this recipe call for minced ginger, but next time when I make it I will grate it so that it will absorb better into the liquid.  Also, I recommend to use extremely cold water, this makes the drink even more refreshing.  Otherwise, this was a delicious and energetic mid-day pick-me-up that (nearly) has my coffee habit beat!

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  1. I have all of the ingredients and I am going to try this tomorrow. Thanks for all of the great ideas Ali, you are so creative.