Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Homemade Almond Milk

I recently became interested in almond milk when I had tried it incorporated into a smoothie.  It provided a creamy yet slightly nutty taste that really enhanced my snack between meals.  About six months ago, my fiancé decided to invest in the powerful Vitamix - the dynamo of a blender that can purée/ liquify just about anything in a moments time and let me tell you we have gotten a lot of use out of it from healthy green juices to silky soups.  One recipe that I wanted to try was homemade almond milk, which turns out to be so easy and less expensive then the store-bought counterpart not to mention much tastier.  Continue for more...

A Few Things: I didn't add any extra sweetener as I found the addition of the vanilla provided just a hint of 
aromatic sweetness, but if you prefer to have your milk a bit sweeter, feel free to add honey or agave to your liking.  
*All photographs by Alison
**Recipe adapted from The Kitchn


  1. yummy love it...
    happy day

    NEW POST!!!

  2. Wow this is ambitious. We have a new cuisnart mixer not quite as powerful as vitamix but pretty good. I just may have to try this.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  3. I've heard of a lot of people making their own almost milk. It sounds so simple! Gorgeous pictures as usual, Alison!

  4. I've heard of a lot of people making almond milk, but I've never tried it–it looks so simple! Gorgeous pictures as usual, Alison!

  5. I have heard about the many benefits of almond milk so I will have to try this!

  6. OMG, you are so lucky you got the vitamix blender!! I want it so bad and I am obsessed with almond milk- perfect nutty/thickness for a smoothie. XO

  7. I've actually never had almond milk but have heard it's so yummy!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. mmm, i'm obsessed as well! I wish I had the patience to make my own but i just dont see it happening!

  9. I'm craving for tasting it!:) Looks good and you are so great with your recipes! xo

  10. can do it all!!! This looks delish. xoox

  11. I only discovered almond milk a few months ago and I absolutely love it. Thanks so much for posting this recipe - I will keep it handy whenever I run out of the shop-bought carton!