Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Christmas in July

Do you know that phrase Christmas in July?  I am personally into this idea, not for receiving gifts but giving gifts to loved ones.  I recently partnered with Uncommon Goods, the fabulous on-line retailer that is chock full of unique items including amazing gifting options for anyone on your list any time of year, to send a gift to someone that I love.  As many of you know my sister just had a baby and I am an auntie, I am quite obsessed with my nephew.  I was able to see him recently on my trip to Vermont and I didn't want to put him down.  I miss him so much!  I am surely going to be one of those aunts that spoils their nieces and nephews, and to get started I decided to send him a little present from Uncommon Goods.  When I was a child we played toys for hours, unlike a lot of kids today, constantly being tuned into an iPad or screen.  I wanted to send him something that all children like, so I sent him these Nursery Rhyme Blocks.  I am sure that he will love them for days to come.  Below are just a few of my favorite picks for spoiling other loved ones in your life during the summer months.  Continue for more...

For the BBQ  Host: Table Tops Dinner Party / Agate Cheese Plate Set /


  1. Be sure your nephew will love them, how nice and funny!:) Didnt know the online store, the stuff is just adorable! Kisses Alison, have a good day! xo

  2. love the stone plate dear...really cool
    happy day

  3. So many adorable options! I love those cheese stones (I'm SURE that isn't the correct phrase for them...)!

  4. Those wooden plates are so cute and fun for the little ones!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. I sure could use a xmas in july. those agate cheese plates are beautiful!

  6. i adore this idea! so special and such a wonderful way to bring loved ones together..

  7. I love the car shaped snack tray! So cute. Awesome selections

  8. I love your picks!! And I love this catalog! They have such different things and always a great selection for an array of different tastes. No ipad in this household is allowed....only on planes!

  9. love the cheese plates... have similar coasters!

    Lady à la Mode