Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vintage Issues

(Fluttery sleeves in bright colors)
It is no mystery that I love magazines, but when you throw a vintage issue into the mix, my head practically spins, inspiration practically pours from the inside;flipping through each page,  a bit of fashion history is uncovered through both the silhouettes and makeup. I have a few issues of Bazaar from the 1950's that I purchased a while back on eBay that I absolutely cherish.  I recently discovered this blog that is dedicated to vintage magazines.  I am truly in love! I could spend hours browsing this tumblr - here are some of my favorites. 
(A rosette hat)
(Blue jacket and red leather gloves)
(Layers of polka dots)
(A military take on the peplum)
(A white dress is beautifullly accented with chic black gloves and a wide brimmed hat)
(What gorgeous details on the back of this dress)
(Grecian inspired)
(Red lips, pearls, a fur shawl and a peach dress equals pure glamour)
(Clad in pale pink and cinched at the waist)
(The classic two piece suit accented with a hat and gloves)

All images from myvintagevogue.com


  1. Gorgeous photos, very classy!:) Kisses! xoxo

  2. These are amazing, love the tiny waists and the colours are so bright on them!

  3. wow! such an inspiration!!! I have found few old magazines from 1984 in old books store you can find the photos here: http://fillthecity.blogspot.com/2011/10/84.html But these picks in your post are more prettier!