Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beet, Carrot and Apple Juice

I have to admit, I have never been a huge fan of beets. I recall many experiences growing up that a healthy portion of red beets would be sitting on my plate turning cold because I refused to eat them.  I would inevitably go to bed without a snack.  But I have found that as I have grown up, I have developed a new appreciation and liking for foods that pack a heavy nutritional punch.  This juice is incredibly refreshing and slightly sweet thanks to the beets, carrots and apples, while the lemon and ginger give it a bit of zest.  This was an excellent and nutritional way to start the day.  

A Few Things: This recipe calls for a juicer, which I do not have, but desperately want.  So instead, I blended all of the ingredients in a food processor and added cold water until I was happy with the juice-like liquid.  If you like a smoothie consistancy you can drink it as is, or I chose to sift the ingredients through a strainer to achieve juice-like results.  

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