Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rich Hot Chocolate with Handcrafted Marshmallows

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and although I have never been a huge fan of this ‘Hallmark Holiday’, I really do find a lot of enjoyment in giving little tokens of affection, during a day that is filled with hearts and flowers.   My first little ‘love’ gesture is perfect for a cozy night in with your loved one – rich, dark hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows. 

I think that I just might have discovered the recipe for hot chocolate that I swooned about in an earlier post from City Bakery.  I didn't realize just how easy hot chocolate is to to make - you just take an excellent quality chocolate bar, add a dash of sugar and some corn starch. The result? A unbelievably rich, pudding-like chocolate treat that will warm you from the inside out.  
Handmade marshmallows, wow, I have been feeling very adventurous in the baking world as of late.  I followed this recipe, which was in truth very easy; it is just when the ingredients begin melding together that you almost have a science project on your hands.  I learned along the way how to make fluff and discovered that when you are finished you have created beautiful fluffy, sugar coated clouds, otherwise known as a marshmallow. 
A Few Things: If you decide to make both the hot chocolate and the marshmallows, definitely be patient with the latter. If you hurry, you are destined for a sticky mess, so just enjoy the process. Also, this hot chocolate recipe yields one generous serving, so if you plan on making this recipe for you and your sweetie, I would recommend that you double the recipe.  

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  1. Oh wow - those marshmallows look like they're to die for!!!