Friday, February 24, 2012

Inspiring Interiors - Upper East Side Sleek

(The black wall provides a great backdrop to the pops of color)

This Upper East Side apartment is beyond sleek.  I love the use of textures from worn wooden walls, sheep skin rugs, shiny black lacquered walls and furniture, brushed gold tables to velvet sofas. This interior gives this typical neighborhood, known for it's grandiose details, a downtown edge.  
(A tufted velvet sofa and a brass coffee table)
\(Grey walls and white hide rugs)
(Worn wooden walls and glossy wooden floors)
(Bright blue chairs with metal accents are beyond gorgeous)
(Floor to ceiling windows really allows for the sunlight to filter inside)
(Faux-bois wallpaper in the kitchen brings the rustic outdoors inside)
(Exposed wooden beams and an elaborate headboard)
(A black lacquered chest creates the main focal point)

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  1. oh my! that is so fabulous - I can't even start to pick a favorite corner of that apartment!
    thanks for sharing