Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Escape to Vermont

(My first trip down the mountain)

Nothing is quite like escaping from the big noisy city and disappearing into the solitude and wilderness of Vermont.  A weekend away was badly needed, so we dropped our dog off at doggy daycare in Greenpoint and headed up north to Killington Mountain. I had my first go at skiing and was shocked at how well I went down the mountain! I didn't even go down the bunny hill, we just went up the chair lift (this is where I snapped the gorgeous mountain vistas below) and I managed to make it down only falling once. I then did about seven amazing runs.  I have a new found love for this outdoor sport! 
(The chair lift)
(Warming up with a nice cup of hot cocoa)
(Our hosts gorgeous land, which was filled with white burch trees and a frozen pond)
(Sun-drench birch trees)
(A stunning view from the top)

I lived in Vermont for about six years and it wasn't until those years that I was able to taste and appreciate 'real' maple syrup, meaning not Aunt Jemima's or Log Cabin, syrups that are filled with fake ingredients and preservatives.  Authentic Vermont maple syrup is thinner than it's store bought counterpart and is not nearly as sweet. I didn't realize the labor intensive process of making syrup, but luckily our hosts had their very own sugar house and I was able to see first hand just how it is made.  I also got to taste the finished product from last years harvest and it was absolutely divine; served over pancakes was the ultimate way to end our relaxing weekend away in the Green Mountains of Vermont. 
(The Sugar House)
 (Warm pancakes drizzled with our hosts Vermont Maple Syrup)
(A bottle of our very own, which will be our new brunch staple)

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