Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What I Am Loving Right Now - DIY's

Here are some great DIY's that I am itching to try right now...

*Eau de Salvage - I love the idea of taking something that others might deem as trash and making something beautiful out of it.  This idea is genius! Turning an old wooden fence into a wine rack is really inventive with a side of rustic.  If I were to make this I would paint it white. 
*Ombre Hand-Dyed Vases - I love flowers, so my next love shortly there after has to be vases.  I have made my own by simply wrapping decorative printed paper around a tin can, but discovering this DIY, I think that I am officially ready to branch out.  This idea creates such a beautiful result and the colors the colors of the vase will only accentuate the hues of the flowers.
*DIY Envelope - I love stationary, whether handmade or store bought, I still cherish that idea of receiving a handwritten note over an email.  I have made many homemade cards using stamps, ribbon, fabric, etc, but I always have to buy an envelope to go along side; however, this is no longer then case! I discovered this template to make your own envelopes and will be trying this DIY out shortly, after all the holidays are coming, so I better start cranking. 
*Floral Garland - I know that it is almost that time of year when the white lights are unpacked and evergren garland will fragrant the room; however, my love for flowers doesn't fane during the winter months.  I think that my adoration actually grows.  I would love to make this floral garland out of light pastel paper. This would be perfect if I was hosting a briday shower. 
*Putting it on the Shelf - Too many books on a book shelf can create the feeling of clutter.  I love this idea of making books on a book shelf into a sort of collection with uniform color and design.
*Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - I am quite smitten with the idea of making your own mirror arrangement, so when I found this idea, I was immediately enticed.  I love the idea of using an IKEA hexagonal mirror and creating your own shapes.  This DIY is a definite must!

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