Thursday, November 17, 2011

Places to Go: Momofuku Milk Bar

(Welcome to Momofuku Milk Bar)
(A lovely afternoon treat)
(There aren't any words to describe the amazingness of the Birthday Cake Truffle)
(A truffle for the season, Apple Pie Truffle)

My first blush with Momofuku Milk Bar was when an intern, who was working in our department brought in their Birthday Cake Truffles as a thank you gesture on her last day. I thought they looked good, I threw them in my weekend bag (I was going to Boston that weekend) and nearly forgot about them. That was until the three hour trip to Boston turned into an almost six hour ride and I became absolutely ravenous.  I remembered that I had slipped the three truffles into my bag and was relieved that I had something to eat.  Little did I know that those three little confetti treats would leave me speechless.  I was riding alone and couldn't tell anyone how amazing they were or even have the opportunity to share a bite (if I would have been so nice).  

They have a few outposts in the New York with a recent opening on Columbus Avenue on the Upper West Side that I recently ventured into with my friend Nuria.  I had to share this experience with another sweet-tooth fanatic.  Between the two of us, we tried the Birthday Cake, Apple Pie and the Chocolate Chip Truffles.  It is hard to describe the consistency of this treat - they are like eating the chewiest ball of cake dough (they almost taste uncooked, hence why they are super addicting) encased inside of a crunchy shell.  I studied the ingredients on the package and wonder if I could ever duplicate them. If only...

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