Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Inspiring Interiors: Subdued Tones with High Glamour

(Walls that are painted in the slightest color of grey)
(The cage-like chandelier looks like a flea market find)
(Buttery yellow walls provide a warm and comforting environment)
(What a gorgeous crystal chandelier)
(Shimmery tones of pink and silver are perfect with the lucite console table below)
(Powder blue walls in the kitchen are unexpected, but beautiful)
(Tufted dining chairs evoke pure glamour)

I love the subdued tones of the rooms above. From the buttery yellow walls in the bedroom to the slightest shades of grey in the living room, the interiors above evoke nothing but pure glamour.  It is no wonder, these interiors are from just one of Jennifer Lopez's homes. 

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