Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sunday Supper

Sunday dinner is hallmark in my book - there is nothing like gathering at the end of the weekend with friends or family to toast the week that was and the week that will be.  During the week it can be hard to have a proper meal with the fiancé, but the weekends are where I cook and we enjoy at least two meals together.  I love going out to try new restaurants but more often than not I prefer to flip through a cookbook or latest food magazine and usually end up making some sort of healthy soup or delicious roast chicken.  In order to inspire you to do the same, I have compiled some delicious recipes from Foodie.com.

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Image via Viva La Dolce Vita


  1. Oooh bookmarking that site for sure! The rosemary bean soup looks amazing!

  2. This looks delicious. so cozy! I may have to make something similar this week for din :)

    Lady à la Mode