Monday, April 2, 2012

Escape to Paradise

From as young as I can remember, I have wanted to visit the island of Santorini and walk amongst the ruins in Athens.  Well in little more than one month, my dream will come true, we are off to Athens and the Greek Islands! Friends say that the beauty of these places, in particularly Santorini, cannot be captured in photographs; well, the images below are taking my breath away, so I can only dream about how this idyllic place will be in person.  I cannot wait to revel in the sunset (I hear they are some of the best in the world) in Santorini and awe at the pieces left behind of the Parthenon.  Do any of you have any suggestions for places to visit and eat in Athens, Santorini or Paros?  If so, please send them along!

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  1. I want to be there right now!!:) xoxo

  2. beautiful pictures! I am definitly adding this to my list of places I would like to visit


  3. I'm doing Greece and Turkey in the second week of September. I cannot wait!

    Great pictures,

  4. I spent a summer going around the greek islands. Santorini is indeed beautiful! It was a long time ago now though (7 years ago! God I feel old!)so I can't remember the names of particular places but I do remember in santorini there were a fair few bars which overlooked the bay, with balcony's sticking out. Sitting on one of those, with a cocktail that cost about my daily food budget, watching the sun go down over he water, was bliss

  5. These pictures look gorgeous! I'm super jealous you get to go there.. and so soon! xoxo, morgan

  6. These images are beautiful! The colors... oh the make me long for summer warmth.

  7. These images are unreal!I absolutely love your blog and I'm following!I want to be under that sunset now!

  8. I am from Greece and I feel really happy that people love my country.
    It's so encouraging for us.
    I wish you to have an awesome time!
    Enjoy yourself!!!


  9. Omgs your are so lucky! Its my dream to go there!

  10. Santorini..paradise. Spent Easter on the island nearly 20 years ago while studying abroad in Rome. Enjoy.
    Thanks for finding and following me.