Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Perfectly Distressed: A Guide to Denim Shorts

It was a wonderful 82 degrees in New York yesterday, it seems like we completely by passed spring! I am not complaining though, the warm weather feels heavenly.  This spring I am currently craving distressed shorts whether they are cut-off at the perfect length or frayed around the pockets or cuff.  I love this look paired with a feminine top or a perfectly worn tee.  Here are some of my favorite picks of the season.  

Frame Denim Le Cutoff / Rag & Bone Le Mila Cutoffs Shorts / Topshop MOTO Bleach Ripped Mom Shorts / Topshop MOTO Extracted Hallie Shorts / H&M Denim Shorts / J Brand Carly Short

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  1. It was like summer yesterday! I remember I used to HATE denim shorts, but now they're a huge part of my summer wardrobe :-)

  2. Denim shorts are pretty much all I wear in the summer, so I love this as inspiration!

  3. I am loving denim shorts too! I really want some boyfriend style ones, but I haven't come across the right pair yet. Great post! And yay for warm weather :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  4. I rarely wear shorts but I'm looking for that "perfect" pair of distressed denim ones this year... love the RAg & Bones ones!!

  5. I love the really torn jeans with a cute and dressed up top....so fun and easy. OMG the countdown!! I want to see a photo of the cake!!

  6. Loving this look. Im 7mo pregnant and I cant bare to do without this trend, so I ordered some distressed pregnancy shorts from OldNavy....here's hoping they look good on pregnant peeps too ;)