Monday, February 24, 2014

Anatomy of the Perfect Outfit {London Edition}

Happy Monday everyone! Boy do I feel renewed, just two days of sun and temperatures in the 50's set me right again. I felt like I was a tulip trying to burst through the frozen soil, I badly needed to feel warm sun on my face and luckily that finally happened.  I love New York for many reasons, one being when the weather is showing even the faintest glimpse of spring people are out in full-force, whether running, walking or brunching outside, albeit some people jump the gun wearing shorts and t-shirts when it is definitely not that type of weather yet but each to his own.  Speaking of transitional weather and clothing, I spotted this outfit outside of the London shows and just loved everything about it - the mules, the fuzzy pastel blue coat slung over her shoulders and the graphic mini skirt that pulled it all together.  Anyways only 23 days until the official start of spring, I am excited, can you tell?  I hope that everyone has a wonderful week!

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  1. The over the shoulders jacket/coat/trench/whatever is a MUST when trying to achive the perfect outfit! And this one is pretty neat!!

    Stop by my blog if you like to! =)

  2. Love this–it is kind of the perfect outfit! Although I'm not sure if I could walk in those mules (or pull them off!).

  3. The shoes are so cute! Love this outfit

  4. Oo that printed skirt and the pale blue coat - love! Still on the fence about mules... I think they're just too "cool" for me :)

  5. pretty! what a lovely photo for inspiration. Those pastel coats are all the rage.